A 1000-Hour Head Start: Introducing The _s Theme

This is what has been going on, you retrogrades! Excuse my Spanish for now and hang in there. The Retroblog will be back soon enough, though with a twist. Expect a little less from the same and some bold new stuff, courtesy of the latest endeavors and musings from yours truly. Lots of stuff going on right now and there are some mighty reason why this the only post on El Retroblog in 2014. In the meantime let me point you to this totally irrelevant article that obviously has no connection to the editorial guidelines (if there ever was one) of this blog. See you soon and happy holidays!


Have you checked out the Toolbox theme? Up until recently it was the starter theme we used to build free and premium themes on WordPress.com. Toolbox was (and is!) a great theme, but it could be better. Unfortunately, we wound up in a situation with Toolbox where we wanted to make some more drastic improvements to it as a starter theme but got a little stuck. We had people using it as a Parent Theme and that meant that the simplest id or class change could become a problem. Simply changing an id of #branding to #masthead in the template is enough to break most CSS.

And there were other more beneficial but potentially more disruptive changes we thought would be great to add to it. Changes like better starter styles, including a generic framework for adding your own responsive CSS; a script for elegantly handling menus on small screens…

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